Volunteer Internships

We host volunteers, woofers, and workawayers, about half the time. Below is a detailed description of who, what, where, etc. You can also check out our farm on Wwoof Hawaii (http://www.wwoofhawaii.org) and Wwoof USA (www.wwoofusa.org) by searching “Papaaloa Ranch” or contact us at Papaaloaranch@gmail.com, and on Workaway.info

Please email us short description of why you want to work with us, age, experience and any special skills you have to offer.You may also email us for an application or download this one: Wwoofer Questionnarie

WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR A LIVE-IN CARETAKER STARTING IN 2017. Please inquire for further  with “caretaker” in the subject of your message.

**because the work and living situation is not always supervised we prioritize applicants that are 21+ years old. Also we cannot accommodate romantic couples because we have a shared sleeping area, thanks for understanding. *

Hosts: Your hosts are Adam Crowe and Katie Amato and we are in our early 30’s and are beginning our dream of creating a farm based on permaculture, organic, and local agricultural practices. Our goals are to design and set up the farm for future food security and sustainability, increase food production for local markets, increase plant diversity and build soil, create educational opportunities for wwoofers and other groups in the future. Note: we have just begun selling some of our produce at a local store and a restaurant occasionally on a surplus basis. Our focus is not farmers markets, but planting trees for future marketing.


We are developing our land, our business plan and our future! Adam is also a great musician and Katie has a masters is public health and passion for local, affordable and good food. check out: http://www.adamcrowemusic.com, http://www.katiestropicalkitchen.com, http://www.ainaexotics.com . We also post on Facebook sometimes: Aina Exotics

Work expectations: We ask for 24 hours of work per week (and offer accommodations and food for 3 meals/day (see meals and food). These 24 hours are typically completed on 4 work days/week, 6 hours a day (9am to 5pm with a long break for lunch, 12pm-2pm). Other work/schedule arrangements are made on a case-by-case- basis. We expect that our guests maintain a positive, helpful attitude, that they are able to listen intently to directions, and complete tasks in a timely manner.

The Exchange: In exchange for your help we accommodations in a studio-style cottage with full kitchen, bathroom and porches. We also provide some staple ingredients (see food) and fruit and veggies from the farm as they are available.

Common Tasks: We are in the stages of early development and need help with expanding productivity, maintaining the land we have cleared, planting fruit trees, clearing new land, and maintaining our vegetable production. This often entails weed whacking, mowing, digging out weeds, clearing understory forest, forming and maintaining vegetable beds, collecting compost materials, and putting systems in place that phase out high input labor. It is hard (often wet) work that requires physical strength and stamina, we ask that anyone who applies be aware of this and ready both physically and mentally to work hard and maintain a positive attitude. Gardening in the tropics is not easy, and the rainforest has unique challenges and rewards. The beauty is unmatched, but rugged by most standards.

Accommodations: We will provide shared sleeping accommodations in studio-style cottage (1 big room with beds) with up to 4 Wwoofers at a time. The cottage is adjacent to, and connected by a sliding glass door, to our own 2 room home. There is equipped kitchen with a sink, stovetop, toaster oven, fridge, French press, etc. for use by Wwoofers. We have a queen sized bed, a single bed, a futon, and a blow-up mattress available on a first come-first serve basis. We will provide linens, pillows, and towels, dish detergent, toilet paper, and hand soap. There is generally good WiFi and cell phone reception. We have a clothes washer and laundry detergent for use by guests. There are lines for laundry to be hung. There is also a bathroom and shower in the cottage. Wwoofers are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the shared living spaces (cleaning the floors, bathroom sinks, toilet and shower, kitchen) every 7 days. They are also responsible for doing their own laundry and dishes, and also for thoroughly cleaning their the cottage, and their linens at the end of their stay.

Meals and food: Wwoofers will prepare their own meals. Family style and collaborative meals will be shared when appropriate. We will provide staple ingredients: salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, rice, oats, potatoes, beans, pasta, pasta sauce, tortillas, some cheese. From are garden, we usually have a fair selection of produce to eat. This may include a variety of fresh greens (kale, swiss chard, New Zealand spinach) and herbs (basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, chili peppers) from the garden. Other garden veggies (e.x. radishes, carrots, beets, daikon, turnips, broccoli, tomatoes, eggplant, cabbages, etc) are also given to our guests when they are ready for harvest. There are almost always a few types of fruit in season here (for example late Spring – lychee and mangos, Summer/Fall – Avocados). Year round we usually have bananas, papayas, and guavas. The food we offer does not include meat, eggs or beverages, snacks, or specialty items. Within a mile there are other food options: The Papaaloa Country store with pizza, sandwiches, groceries, The Sakado Store (another more basic general store), a gas station with hot food and snacks), and a full service Pizza and “American” food restaurant called The Landing. The closest large grocery store is 19 miles away. Other meal arrangements will be made on a case-by case basis.


Respect: We value open communication and we respect individual personality. Please feel free to ask us questions, talk to us about concerns, provide suggestions, etc. We’re also hardworking individuals that are used rising with the sun, so we ask for “quiet time” from 10pm to 6am unless otherwise discussed. There are paying tenants that rent out 2 other cottages on the property and so we expect responsible, friendly behavior at all times. Heavy smoking, heavy drinking, and other illegal drugs aren’t welcome and we reserve the right to ask you to leave if we feel any behavior is inappropriate. Big Island Hawaii has the highest electrical costs in the nation so we ask that you help us conserve energy and resources by only using the lights and fans when appropriate and remembering to turn them off when not needed. We do our best to use natural practices, not only for the food we grow but also what we use to clean our houses. We encourage the use of biodegradable, natural hygiene and cleaning products, and we highly discourage the use of overly aromatic chemical/synthetic fragrances, soaps, hair products, chemical mosquito repellant, etc. and

Transportation: We live in a rural community 35 minutes (21 miles) from Hilo, 30 minutes, (19 miles) to Honoka‘a and 50 Minutes to Waimea (33 miles). There is a bus station 5 minutes from the cottage that connects to major towns (but it has a limited schedule compared to city buses (http://www.heleonbus.org)! So please plan accordingly and read the schedule thoroughly). In general, we will not be able to provide transportation for our wwoofers to and from the property. Yet, we may be able and willing to coordinate carpooling depending on our activities off the farm. We’re happy to give you ideas for things to do in your free time here.


nearby Waipio Valley

nearby Waipio Valley

Rainbow Falls in Hilo

Rainbow Falls in Hilo

White Road Hike in Waimea

White Road Hike in Waimea

Thanks so much to all of our previous woofers/interns and hard working guests! Thanks to you we are harvesting the freshest, most delicious and organic veggies and fruits possible!


  • Jaime (Fall 2014)
  • Jack (Fall 2014)
  • Will (Fall 2014)
  • Carolina (Fall 2014)
  • Sloane (Fall 2014)
  • Jon (Spring 2015)
  • Jesse (Spring 2015)
  • Nate (Spring 2015)
  • Josiah (Spring 2015)
  • Shayne (Summer 2015)
  • Tim (Summer 2015)
  • Patrick (Summer 2015)
  • Mat (Summer 2015)
  • Logan (Fall 2015)
  • Harmon (Fall 2015)
  • Kristen (Spring 2016)
  • John  (Spring 2016)
  • Bryan F (Summer 2016)
  • Brian (Summer 2016)
  • Gabe (July/August 2016)
  • JO (July/August 2016)
  • Brian B. (July/August 2016)

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