We need a caretaker on our beautiful farm on the Hamakua Coast of Big Island

We are looking for a resident caretaker to take charge of maintenance on our young fruit tree farm in Papaaloa while we spend a few months on the mainland next summer 2017. Training would begin in April or May 2017. We need someone to stay until approx. November 2017. We encourage both individuals and couples to apply.

Check out our video  quick tour of young Papaaloa fruit tree farm.

Please read the below and if you are interested email Katie at Papaaloaranch@gmail.com with a completed application and proof of health insurance. The application can be found at this link: papaaloa-ranch-caretaker-information or at the bottom of this webpage (you can cut and paste into your email).

Caretaker Benefits:

  • free rent
    • WiFi and generally good cell phone reception
    • Large living room/kitchen with ocean views, screens, lots of air and light
    • Large bedroom, queen size bed, a bathroom and outdoor hot shower.
    • Full  kitchen with a sink, new stovetop and oven, toaster oven, fridge, French press, pots and pans, utensils, and lots of kitchen gears
    • Linens, pillows, and towels
    • Laundry facilities
    • Full bath
  • free fruit and veggies from farm
  • optional opportunities for the self-starter to make CA$H



Work trade: Approx. 15 hours of work/week.

  • Watering as needed especially during hot sunny and dry periods
  • Mowing 1 x per week (including cleaning, maintenance and coordinating mowing repairs)
  • Weed whacking 2x per week (1x string trim edges and 1x bush whacker blade)
  • Fruit tree maintenance 1x week and/or nursery maintenance 1x week (ex. weeding, fertilizing)
  • Veggie garden maintenance (weed, seed, harvest)
  • Water cows (check water 1x per week, change and scrub 2x per month)
  • Feed dogs and care for dogs (2x per day)

Looking for someone who is:

  • Intuitive with plants and the land (e.x. knows when to feed and water)
  • Knows how use water and electricity responsibly (fixing leaks, turning water off)
  • Can problem solve (fixing mowers, weed whackers)
  • Organized and can create and follow through with a schedule (e.x. mowing regularly.)
  • Clean and orderly
  • In good health and fit, able to complete various manual labor jobs
  • Honest, able to communicate clearly with us
  • Able to work hard and take initiative


Full legal name:__________________________

nickname you’d like to go by_______________ age: __________ sex: ________

current or mailing address:___________________________________________

phone:_______________________ email:__________________________________

desired start date ____________________________________

  • Will you have travel insurance and/or health insurance coverage for your stay while on our farm? Please send/insert a picture or scanned copy. (those who don’t have cant apply for state health insurance)
  • Outline (with resume-style detail) your experiences working outdoors, working on farms, caretaking, etc.
  • Do you have experience with animals?
  • Do you consider yourself physically fit and capable of working 6 hour days doing physical labor?
  • Lists all the types of tools, gardening methods, etc. that you have experience with:
  • List which methods you would like to learn more about.


  • Other skills, hobbies, interests you want to share with us
  • Do you have any health-related issues we should know that would affect your work on the farm? Ex. Allergies, previous or current injuries that affect your ability carry weight, bend over, etc.
  • Where else have you traveled?
  • List any professional degrees, certificates, studies etc.
  • Please give us at least 2 references, both professional as possible
  • Please explain why you are an excellent candidate for our caretaker position.

By signing here, I certify that all the information above I have included is true and that I have read the information at the top of the application


Signed legal name:____________________________________   (your typed name will be considered your signature)

emergency contact name and number: __________________________________________



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